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  • 7:15 Conference Registration & Morning Breakfast

    Chairperson's Opening Remarks


    Establishing an Urgent Care Center that Ensures Quality Care, and Maintains a Competitive Edge within the Marketplace

    Nathan Baar, MHA, BSN, RN, CEN
    Director, Emergency & Urgent Care Services
    Metro Health


    Creating a Viable Organizational Structure and Culture for Your Urgent Care Clinic to Give You the Edge Over Your Competition

    Molly Fulton, MBA
    Practice Administrator
    Arlington Urgent Care 

    9:45 Networking Break & Refreshments

    Effectively Creating Value for the Customer – Increasing Access/Convenience and Enhancing Affordability with Urgent Care Center

    Claudio Varga
    Director, Operations
    Vital Urgent Care 


    Strategically Gaining Community Acceptance of Urgent Care Centers – Effectively Reaching Out to Key Members Including Individual Consumers, Physicians, Providers, Payers and Employers

    William Van Noll
    Executive Director
    Mend Urgent Care 


    Ensuring the Adoption of Effective Practice Guidelines and Standards of Care within Urgent Care Centers

    Johnnie Davis, RN, MSN
    Quality & Compliance Officer
    Doctors Care

    Shane Lacaillade, MHA, MBA, MS-PI
    Senior Vice President, Center Operations
    Doctors Care

    12:30 Luncheon for All Attendees & Speakers

    Key Performance Indicators for the Success of Your Urgent Care Center

    Dan Phillips, MD
    Owner & Medical Director
    MedAccess Urgent Care 


    Establishing Market Leadership Position through Brand Awareness and Scale for Urgent Care Centers

    Suzy Buck
    Director, Marketing
    ZipClinic Urgent Care

    3:15 Networking Break & Refreshments

    Strategically Pursuing Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for Urgent Care Centers

    Gregory Grubb, DO
    Medical Director
    NowCare Urgent Care 


    Building and Ensuring a Compliant and Quality-Driven Urgent Care Center

    Lori Swanson, RN, MHSA, CHC
    Chief Quality & Compliance Officer
    Physicians Immediate Care 

    5:15 End of Day One
  • 7:15 Morning Breakfast

    Chairperson's Recap of Day One


    The Future of Urgent Care Centers – Understanding the Market, its Advantages, and Potential Challenges

    Michael Boyle, MD, MBA, FACEP
    Regional Medical Director
    ECI Healthcare Partners
    Author, "The Healthcare Executives Guide to Urgent Care Center and Freestanding EDs" 


    Employing a Walk-In Telemedicine Healthcare Model into an Urgent Care Center

    Bahar Sedarati, MD
    CEO & Medical Director
    Vital Urgent Care 

    9:45 Networking Break & Refreshments

    How to Effectively Work with the Local Provider Community to Minimize Resistance to the Building of a New Urgent Care Center

    Tonya Moore, PhD, RN
    Administrator, Community Health Services
    University of Mississippi Medical Center 


    Using Emotional Intelligence in Everyday Clinic and Leadership for Your Urgent Care Center

    Lou Fillman, MBA, PA-C
    Pardee Urgent Care 


    Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Urgent Care Center

    Cynthia Thek
    Practice Administrator
    AM/PM Walk-In Urgent Care 

    12:30 Conference Concludes