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Vivify HealthVivify Health’s mobile digital health platform empowers provider organizations and health plans to automate remote biometric data collection, deliver prescriptive care plans and educational content and interact virtually with patients of all levels of technology expertise. Connecting the care continuum to the home through Instant-on connected kits, web apps/BYOD, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Vivify Health’s customers customize and deliver over 100 disease-specific remote care plans at any time, on any interval and to any digital device. Vivify Health is implemented in payers and health systems representing over 700 hospitals, measurably transforming healthcare costs and outcomes for the better. For more information, visit www.vivifyhealth.com.

PipelineRxPipelineRx is the leading independent telepharmacy solutions provider—differentiated by our integrated, private, cloud-based technology platform, PowerGridRx™, and our optimized, distributed telepharmacist network.  Our unique approach enables individual hospitals and health systems to dramatically increase operating efficiencies through load balancing and streamlined workflows, while ensuring medication efficacy, increasing patient safety, and improving clinical outcomes. Telepharmacy is a critical element of any telehealth strategy, providing an immediate ROI and a positive impact on patient care.

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