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Thursday, September 14, 2017 • 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Optimizing Population Health through Innovative Approaches and Value-Based Care: Enhancing Patient Engagement, Health Outcomes and Efficiencies

The rapidly expanding growth of value-based care programs has created an atmosphere for payers and providers to capitalize on opportunities to transform the delivery of healthcare and implement innovative approaches to delivering comprehensive and robust population health programs. Challenges are also present as public policy continues to push for greater patient and community engagement changing the landscape of how healthcare is delivered, incentivized and evaluated. At the intersection of this movement lies a roadmap for implementing programs that are predicated on greater efficiencies through improved technology, collaboration and partnerships.

The goal of this workshop is to assist attendees in identifying ways to implement value-based care initiatives into their organizations existing structure in a manner that drives up greater patient engagement, improved health outcomes and efficiencies. In the course of the workshop, participants will explore successful population health models with examples of integration across the continuum of care enabling attendees to begin constructing the means for implementing or growing a population health program that optimizes resources and supports value-based care initiatives.

During the workshop, attendees will:
• Identify elements of a successful population health program
• Conceptually apply those elements to his/her unique organizational structure
Outline a brief roadmap of simple steps for implementing those elements with a list of key stakeholders within and outside his/her organization

Virginia Burchett, MPH, the Founder of Virginia Burchett Consulting, is a healthcare professional with the proven ability to build relationships through collaboration and partnerships within and outside of the health care industry. With over 25 years of experience working for Kaiser Permanente, Ms. Burchett has a deep knowledge of managed healthcare centered around value-based care and shared risk programs, lead service delivery planning in the closure and contracting of hospitals, and supported the strategic alignment of business plans with the healthcare delivery system improving processes and satisfaction of employees, unions and management. She also identified areas of improvement, thus saving thousands of dollars and improving the lives of employees and the health outcomes of members.

Ms. Burchett is a recognized leader in the community as an advocate for eliminating health and financial disparities while encouraging diversity. She is a skilled hospital/clinical operations strategic planner, project manager with budgets in excess of 10 million dollars, as well as large scale multi-year project and program management across healthcare systems. She possesses detailed knowledge of all medical specialties, health systems, regulatory state and government agencies and operations (hospitals, labs and clinics) and has experience working in a matrix organization coordinating strategic initiatives across disciplines with IT, physicians and health plans.

Ms. Burchett has planned and implemented new technologies partnering with clinical professionals in hospitals and medical centers that improved the health outcomes of patients while improving the satisfaction of employees, patients and their families. Additionally, she has designed, communicated and delivered organizational talent effectiveness human resource programs. Lastly, Ms. Burchett has created a nationally recognized award winning brand enhancing the mission and goals of a multi-hospital health system.