2018 Patient Flow Management Congress

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2018 Patient Flow Management Congress
Groundbreaking Techniques for Optimizing Patient Flow Management through Effective Discharge Planning, Enhanced Patient Care/Satisfaction, Increased Profitability, and Efficient Hospital Wide Collaboration
January 25 – 26, 2018 • New York-New York Hotel & Casino • Las Vegas, NV

Today, patient flow has become a major concern for most hospitals and health systems as both the human and financial aspects result in poor quality care, patient dissatisfaction, and lower reimbursement and profitability. Optimizing hospital wide patient flow is critical in delivering high quality patient centric healthcare. Hospitals are examining how to provide the right quality care, in the right place, and at the right time.

The influx of the newly insured entering the healthcare system presents greater challenges to hospitals and the necessity to streamline flow and capacity has become enormously vital. As this landscape continues to evolve and dramatically transform, there is a huge shift towards hospital wide collaboration and throughput in order to achieve these goals. Optimizing the ED, decreasing patient wait times, and enhancing care coordination are key components to moving the patient quickly, efficiently and safely through the hospital system.

We have created a high-level forum featuring knowledgeable leaders and executives from hospitals and health systems who will share their perspectives, valuable insights and expertise on how to be best equipped for the rapidly evolving landscape of Patient Flow Management. Attendees will benefit from learning about best practices and strategies that have been deployed to address the challenges presented under the Affordable Care Act impacting hospitals and health systems in effectively managing patient flow. This exclusive event targets senior level executives in order to maximize educational and networking opportunities.

By attending the2018 Patient Flow Management Congressin Las Vegas, NV on January 25 – 26, 2018, you will learn what others in the Patient Flow Management and Emergency Medicine arenas are doing to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in 2018.

Register today to reserve your seat at the conference and take advantage of early bird discounts! Please register online at www.2018patientflow.com or call 1-800-646-9581.

We look forward to greeting you in Las Vegas!


2018 Patient Flow Management Team