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Premise HealthPremise Health is a leading worksite health and patient engagement company dedicated to improving the cost and quality of employee healthcare. With more than 40 years of experience, Premise Health manages nearly 600 onsite and nearsite based health and wellness centers across the country. The company serves more than 230 of the nation’s leading employers, including a significant number of the Fortune 1000. For more information on Premise Health, visit www.premisehealth.com.

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VeraVera Whole Health contracts directly with employers to build and operate on- and near-site primary care clinics for their employees. Employees can get nearly all the care they need from both their employer-funded clinic and the regional network of Vera clinics, including primary and acute care, health coaching, and workers compensation treatment.  They rely less on emergency and urgent care, rein in complications due to chronic illness, and live healthier lifestyles. This is especially important when more than 75% of total healthcare costs are spent reacting to preventable, chronic conditions. The result is a healthier, happier workforce and a net reduction in healthcare costs up to 25% in the first year.  Visit verawholehealth.com to find out how you can use Vera to do the same for your company, and transform the health of your entire organization.


The National Association of Worksite Health CentersThe National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC – www.Worksitehealth.org) is the nation’s only organization dedicated to assisting public and private employers, hospitals and unions in getting the greatest return from their onsite clinics, pharmacies, worksite fitness and wellness centers. NAWHC is a key source of education, information, networking and resources for employers and others who wish to integrate or develop onsite health facilities into their health care strategy.

Sound MedicalSound Medical is the leading distributors of medical supplies, RX, equipment, OTC, first aid, safety, wellness, and screening supplies for workplace and occupational health sites / clinics. Simply put, Sound Medical provide (1) better prices, with (2) better service. Everything we do is meant to better serve workplace and occupational health sites / clinics. It might sound simply, but the truth is, we won’t lose on price, and no one can beat our customer service!

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