2018 Network Contracting Congress

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2018 Network Contracting Congress
Innovative Strategies and Best Practices for Network Contracting/Management – Ensuring Transparency, Implementing Viable Pay-for-Performance Programs, and Creating Successful Provider Partnerships!
February 26 – 27, 2018 • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV

Network contracting is currently facing unprecedented challenges, as well as opportunities. It has become an imperative for payers, as well as providers, to respond to these challenges by making drastic changes to their network contracting strategy, as well as taking advantage of the opportunities that currently arise within network management.

The Network Contracting Problem!

The market has seen numerous changes within the relationship between providers and payers, and new techniques have been introduced to operate within this market – this has greatly impacted how payers approach network contracting. Specifically, we are now operating within a market where new regulations are being introduced for Medicaid and Medicare, and new technologies and solutions have been released to better enhance provider contracting and management. Furthermore, declining budgets are demanding new approaches to how we do network contracting, and to how new opportunities can become profitable for a payer. This is the only conference on Network Contracting & Management that will equip you with innovative strategies and tools to be better prepared for 2018.

As the cost of doing business continues to rise and when every dollar is more important than ever, healthcare payers, as well as providers, are in greater need of solutions to lower costs and increase efficiency. By implementing cutting-edge network contracting solutions, many organizations have been able to achieve these goals.

The Network Contracting Solution!

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” (Winston Churchill). This conference will indeed guide you in the right direction – in addition to focusing on traditional, yet current, issues such as developing a strategic and transparent approach, this conference stands out in that it recognizes the need to effectively incorporate innovative network contracting strategies.

In this unique event, we bring together leaders and innovators to share their insights and offer tested solutions on how to streamline the network contracting process. By attending the 2018 Networking Contracting Congress, you will learn what others in your industry are doing to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in 2018.

Register today to reserve your seat at the conference and take advantage of early bird discounts. Call 1-800-646-9581 or register online at www.2018network.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!


GMD Network Contracting Team